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Welcome to Therapy with Marina

Do you feel selfish when you think of looking after your needs? Does the thought of saying “no” to someone makes your stomach turn? Is it easier to just go along with something rather than express how you truly feel?

If you answered “yes” to those questions, you are most probably someone who cares a great deal about others. You have also most probably neglected yourself way too long; to the point where you may have even lost the sight of who you really are. Your life might no longer even feel like it`s yours. If crippling anxiety and depression have become your companions that are now impossible to shake off, you are in the right place.

My name is Marina. I work with clients who prioritise other people`s needs at the expense of their own. They`ve learned somewhere along the way that they are not as important as others and that their value lies in being helpful. It is a great quality to have of course, because the world would be a much better place if there were more kind, caring and empathic people in it.

The issue is though that you really need to take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else. And if you weren`t shown how to value yourself and what it actually means to have self-esteem, then how are you supposed to just do it?

This is something that one-to-one therapy helps with – understanding your patterns, exploring how they developed, processing the emotions that have been buried for years, and discovering how to create life that is more on your terms. That`s in a nutshell.

If you would like to start the process of living your life in a way that is true to who you are, send me a message to book your FREE 15-minute introductory call.


What I offer

About Me and Services I Offer:

I work with people who tend to:

  • Say “yes” to things they want to say “no” to

  • Say “no” to things they want to say “yes” to

  • Feel like whatever they do is never enough

  • Compare themselves to others and lose every time

  • Think over and over again about situations that happened during the day, trying to work out if they sounded stupid or offended someone

  • Self-sacrifice out of fear of being called or seen as selfish

A bit of my story:

In my twenties, I became anxious, depressed and completely unable to navigate life and relationships in a functional way. I did whatever it took to not be alone; my fear of being abandoned, which stemmed from my childhood experiences, ruled my life completely.


I wasn`t aware of it at the time. It led me to get involved in unhealthy relationship dynamics, jobs I hated, and make friends with people who didn`t appreciate me. I was just unhappy about my life in general.

I felt inadequate and embarrassed about every aspect of myself. All my energy went into hiding my real self from the world. People saw me as happy, bubbly, and outgoing. I worked hard to keep up the appearances. Needless to say, I felt like a fraud.

It took me a very long time, countless self-help books and personal therapy to come to a point of my life where I accept myself as a human who sometimes gets things wrong.


I realised that this journey is forever-evolving and there would always be more to learn.​

I learned about emotions and how to support myself to feel them so that they get processed rather than blocked or stored away only to reappear in the most inappropriate moments.


I learned that the point is not be be free from fear, anxiety, anger, etc., but to be free to feel those and still be okay. 


I believe you are also on your journey to yourself. If you can resonate with what you`ve read and thinking about working with me - feel free to get in touch. 

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